An Attempt at an Explanation

You are browsing Logodrome, a collection of digital information physically manifest as clouds of ordered electrons in the bowels of remote storage devices.  I launched it on November 11, 2002 despite the ongoing debugging which will probably never stop.

This is really two sites rolled into one.  Everything before September 2002 comes from an old, abandoned weblog I used to publish, or from the disparate pieces I have had floating around since about 2000.

Everything after September 2002 comprises Logodrome proper.  This site is supposed to provide an outlet for my interest in various subjects—literature, philosophy, art, sex—that are new, strange, and exciting to me.  I lack the benefit of relevant formal studies and sufficient field practice; these pages are an attempt to remedy that.  If I appear naive, or astray, you can simply smile and move on.  You can also be nice and let me know where I went wrong.  Serious criticism will be seriously criticized.  I can’t promise I’ll agree with you or even understand you (communicating in English or Russian helps) but I will hear you out.

For now, at least, the updates to this site are infrequent (about once every two weeks, unless you count the updates to the 10 Links section).


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