Then and Now

We once were demigods…

A Fiddler and a Castrato

A poor fiddler called upon…


Hello, snowflake…

Sadistic Verses

Bits of Russian folklore.

The Bullet

Channelling Emily Dickinson.

Hitman Poetry

A murderer viewing life poetically.

I’m a Wave!

I’m a wave!…

Villon’s Straight Tip to All Cross Coves

Suppose you screeve? or go cheap-jack? …

If Only I Were Wiser…

If only I were wiser…

First Rendezvous

’Cause I have nothing else to post.

Ballad of the Hanged

A poem by François Villon; his epitaph.

Tale of a Fool, Aloof and Late

Silliness with spoonerisms.

Found Poem

A picture taken on the twenty four–Divisadero bus.  If I had my way, I’d order all the directions on public transport to be written in verse.

The Penguin

Consider the penguin.  He is a gentleman…


Memory, a dappled orchard where the apples glow the brightest…


You Spill shrill chatter over the airwaves (vibrations descend on the tendrils of antennas…

No Name

We savored silence on our lips…


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