Hello, world!

The first entry of the old, defunct blog.
  August 20, 2001

Reading Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” this morning.  The whole experience weirds me out.  Here I am, sitting in my cold room in the Mission with nothing around but a bed and a couple of suitcases, watching a spectral exchange that takes place between ghosts in cyberspace as it oozes through my slow dial-up connection.  There are so many levels of unreality to this that it’s mind boggling.  Invisible people post in virtual space reaching out to strangers whose shadows left an imprint on the posters’ minds.  The strangers being sought are the most unreal of all, flickers of memory diluted with imagination in minds already incorporeal.  When a real connection is made on CL, it’s almost like the creation of something out of nothing.

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