September 11

Waxing prophetic on the day of the disaster.
  September 11, 2001

I’m watching the terrorist bombing news right now.  It’s really funny but you can predict what will happen in this sort of a crisis: the hyperventilating journalists shouting incredulous commentaries into microphones against the apocalyptic backdrop of collapsing skyscrapers; the furious politicians trying to outdo each other in how strongly they condemn the terrorist act and how vehemently they vow to “hunt the bastards down”; the images of bloody victims; the statements from international leaders and the sundry terrorist organizations…  I predict that they will invent some name for this event for history books.  They’ll call it “Black Tuesday” or “Bloody Tuesday” and maybe even make this a federal holiday to honor the victims (although it still may be too small-scale for that).  Mark my words; you heard it here first.

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