I rarely make bad decisions.
  November 13, 2003

Lanie yelled at me today.  Called me not serious.  Called me a loser even, but that with a smile on her face and a kiss, so no real insult meant, and none taken.

Why am I an unserious loser?  Because I didn't go to a schmoozing session in the city today.  Through a friend from grad school I have come across a possible job in advertizing—using my number-crunching skills to hone their evil mind-warping techniques.  My contact at the company casually suggested that I drop in on some marketing seminar tonight to see if I could pick up more contacts with other potential employers.  I said hey-thanks-sure, hung up the phone and scowled.  It appeared that I had better go.  I didn't want to go.

I hesitated until the very last moment.  I even dressed up and browsed the train schedule to plan my timely arrival.  As the departure time neared, I sat at the desk unsure what to do.  In the end, I solved the problem my usual way: I tossed a coin.  Heads for going; tails for staying.  It came up tails and I popped eXistenZ into the DVD player.

Sometimes I toss a coin and balk at the outcome.  This reveals to me, despite any self-deceipt, which choice I really prefer.  Coin tosses are a great way to make decisions.

(They say in this age of online transparency, people are being judged by the contents of their iTunes playlists.  As I read that, an idea popped into my head: Sherlock Holmes drawing astute conclusions from someone's porn collection:

Holmes: Cherry Poppins and the Lost Gang Bang?  Clearly we are dealing with someone left-handed who has recently visited Australia and likes shaved pussies.

Bald kitten: Miao!)

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