My Restless Fingers

I miss playing the piano and it’s making me antsy.
  September 24, 2001

I have figured out why I have been feeling restless lately.  The epiphany came in the form of a lit-up display window in a corner store—the one that sells pianos.  I have not touched a piano in months!  In Jersey, I would quell my musical cravings by stealing and torturing my roommate Satish’s guitar.  I taught myself how to play it (badly) purely by ear, trial, and error just so that I could stop feeling antsy without a piano nearby.  That guitar is on a Greenpeace ship somewhere right now…

After moving to San Fran, for the first time in years I find myself without ready access to some kind of a musical instrument.  Even when I lived in New York, I had a little piano in my Queens apartment; the fact that it came with the apartment was the reason I rented a basement hole out in freaking Flushing in the first place!

I am completely broke at the moment (my rent check bounced the other day for the fourth time), so I can scarcely afford to buy my own guitar, let alone a piano.  Nothing left to do but whine…

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