I go to a Jane’s Addiction concert … alone.  I make new friends, whom I will unceremoniously blow off later in the year.
  October 27, 2001

Jane’s Addiction concert last night…  This is the first show I ever went to in my life and I have a feeling it was a good start.  Peripheral kicks fucking ass—the man is a music genius—and the set they played included both Three Days and Summertime Rolls (I would have gladly listened to all their songs but I guess the concert had to end at some point).  I had fun although it would have been so much better to go there with a posse of my good friends (I only brought my imaginary friends along, unfortunately) and get high on a little something other than just liquor.

I ended up going back to the city with some interesting folks I met at the concert.  They were a vintage-clad crowd that rode in a Mexican bus (that’s what the thing was called; the words “THE MEXICAN BUS” were emblazoned on its sides).  They gave me a free ride back and beer and vodka coctails gratis along the way!  If you happen to read this, guys, thanks again!

We tried to get into a Halloween party that was being held in an old church building somewhere in the Mission.  The stucco moldings on the church walls were lit up with violet lights and there was a huge, silent, funky-looking crowd at the steps waiting to get inside.  A strange metal contraption that looked like the love child of a boiler and a space rocket sputtered fire and iridescent sparks in the middle of the street, making the landscape even more surreal.  We never got in but the place was worth visiting just for the ambience.

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