Just Another Exchange Overheard in my Apartment

My roommate chatting with his friend.
  October 21, 2001

Just another exchange overheard in my apartment:

“Okay, so can hermaphrodites have orgasms?”

“Of course they can!”

“In both sets of genitalia?”


“So they can have two orgasms going at the same time?”

“What, you mean like fucking themselves?”

“Not themselves necessarily but … you know. A double whammy.”

“I’m sure they can.”

Sigh.  “Lucky bastards.”  Pause.  “Hey, what about people with two heads?”

“What about them?”

“How do they decide on what to eat? What if one of them wants Chinese and the other one, Mexican?”

Long pause.

“Hey, can you imagine what it would be like to have sex with a woman with two heads?”

Long thoughtful pause.  Hesitantly: “Well, I have a friend who once had sex with a woman with one leg. But I guess that’s different.”

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