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You find the darndest things in the paper.
  January 8, 2004

I have stumbled upon this ad in today’s paper:

“Seeking: an inquisitive and contemplative abstract thinker for a position without definite description or rigid hierarchical standing.  A navel-gazer with an eye for æsthetically pleasing details of no practical consequence, you will spend your days in quiet solitude reading, listening to, or otherwise consuming old ideas, and generating new ones.  Occasional arguments and discussions on wide-ranging subjects with like-minded colleagues are required.  We don’t like deadlines; we think stress is for syllables; we want you to share these views.  Originality, provocative thinking and æsthetic appeal are more important than profitability in our work; we believe in good ideas even if they make bad investments.  If a deft turn of the phrase gives you a smile and inspired music gives you goosebumps, if you are fascinated by the play of light in beads of water or by smoke swirling through the evening skies, then you are an ideal candidate for us.  Your compensation will be 420,000 ngultrum per year to start, plus a complete benefits package.”

Underneath, in small print: “Bhutanese citizens or permanent residents only.  Candidates without work permits need not bother apply.”

This teaches me two things: (1) there’s no such thing as an ideal job; (2) I really should start subscribing to local newspapers.

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