Do not Disturb

Writing about marital bliss.
  January 4, 2004

“Do you write about us on your site anymore?” she asked.

“No.  We make interesting characters only when we fight, and we haven’t fought lately.  Frankly, I prefer it that way.  Let’s stay boring.”

She smiled.

“People like sex,” I said.  “So I guess I could write about our sex life.  But...”

“What sex life?”

“Exactly.  You work too much, babe.  And you sleep much too much.”

“Somebody’s gotta work in this household.”

I held my hand over my heart, nursing an invisible wound.

“Such hurtful words from such pretty lips,” I said, and sealed my opinion with a kiss.  She chuckled and fought me off with a “whatever.”

“You never believe I’m serious,” I complained while nibbling on her ear, nuzzling her cheek, laying a little peck of a kiss on her neck, chin, and closer, closer still to her mouth, and—ah!  Warm, supple, sweet—I’ll write an ode to kissing some time, when I’m free from doing it.

“Question,” Lanie interrupts, looking over my shoulder at the text I just typed.  “Why are you writing about it rather than doing it?”

“But honey,” I say, then suddenly understand and leave the compu

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